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Marugame Plaza Hotel

【Official】Marugame Plaza Hotel

Ideal as a base for business and tourism.

A long-established business hotel with a history of over 40 years.
We will renew in 2015 to provide a comfortable space.

Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus

  • At our hotel, we are taking the following measures so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.

    ■Initiatives in public spaces
    ・Disinfectants are installed in the entrance, lobby, and elevator.
    ・In the 2nd floor lobby, space sterilization is performed with hypochlorite water.
    ・We disinfect doorknobs, doors, buttons in elevators, lobby tables, sofa restrooms, etc. as appropriate.
    ・When cleaning the room, we properly ventilate and clean the surface of equipment, closets, bathrooms, etc. with a disinfectant solution.

    ■Breakfast support
    ・Breakfast will be prepared at the restaurant, but if State of Emergency Declaration is issued, etc.
    If the hotel deems it necessary, we may prepare a lunch box.
  • Initiatives for employees

    ■We distribute masks to all employees and oblige them to wear them when they go to work and during work.
    ■We thoroughly check body temperature and physical condition and disinfect hands when going to work.
    ■We have introduced a behavioral standard and a health condition management system when you are in poor physical condition.
    ■We provide guidance on prohibiting employees from going out unnecessarily and urgently, and refraining from meetings and dinners.
  • *Request to customers*

    ■So that customers can use it with peace of mind
    We ask for your cooperation in measuring the temperature and wearing a disinfectant mask when you visit the museum.
    ■If you feel unwell, please contact your local staff.
    ■If you do not have a mask, please ask at the front desk.
    There are some preparations.

    The above will be updated from time to time according to the policies indicated by the national / prefectural government and related organizations.
    In that case, we will inform you again.

GoTo Travel

  • Register as a member of STAYNAVI and issue a coupon!

    If you wish to use GoTo Travel, please make a reservation from our website, register as a member of STAYNAVI, and issue a coupon.Members also need to issue coupons from here.

    ⇐ Click here for membership registration and coupon issuance.

    *GoTo Travel is currently unavailable.

Nakazu Banshoen

  • Information on Nakazu Banshoen

    By Jokyo years (1688) Marugame second-generation lord Kyogoku Takatoyo-ko,
    It will be built as a Nakatsu Bekkan the beach here in Nakatsu
    Following Matsubara of white sand and blue pine, we planted more than 1500 dwarf pine trees.
    In the center of the garden is Hakkei Pond, which is shaped like Lake Biwa Omi, the land of the ancestors of the Kyogoku Clan
    Eight islands named Sail, Goose, Snow, Rain, Bell, Seiran, Moon, and Yubae Omi Hakkei (eight views of Omi)
    It is a strolling daimyo garden that connects the islands with a bridge.
    On the shore of the lake, there is a tea room and a main building on the mezzanine floor where you can overlook the sea from the garden.

Nakazu Banshoen Ajisho Kaifutei

  • Kaifutei

    Nakazu Banshoen is a landscape gardening has been daimyo garden by the Marugame Domain The Second Generation of Kyogoku lord Takatoyo-ko
    Kaifutei, you can enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere while gazing at this Kaifutei Japanese garden.
     If you are a guest and would like to have a dinner, we will prepare a set meal prepared Kaifutei(Reservation required)

In this facility / facility

  • Exterior appearance

    A slightly retro building that rises in a calm light blue in the center of Marugame City AreaAn original color called "Persia Blue" created in the image of the color of the pottery stored in the pottery hall of Nakazu Banshoen 
    Marugame Plaza Hotel" on the roof are conspicuous and easy to understand even from a distance, and we guide you with peace of mind.
  • entrance

    Cigarettes in public spaces are only available next to the entrance (where the ashtray is installed).Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Front desk

    Front desk with fresh Japanese modern
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Hotel Name

Marugame Plaza Hotel


50-3 Shiwaku Town, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes walk from JR Marugame Station
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Information on various services

  • Welcome drink service

    From 15:00 to 20:00:Prepare hot coffee, latte, cocoa, milk tea, etc. at the restaurant next to the front desk.Please feel free to drop in at c / in.Of course, you can bring it to your room and enjoy it.(*^-^*)
  • Internet connection available in all rooms

    Connect to the internet with free Wi-Fi in all rooms.
    Guests staying for long-term stays or business are also safe!

Free Parking

  • 1st free parking lot

    Free parking is available to guests.
    Please contact the front desk in advance if you want to use it.

    8 cars can be parked next to the entrance.(6 ordinary cars, 2 light cars)

    Only passenger cars with a height of 2.1 m, a width of 2.75 m and a length of 5.0 m or less can be used.

    ・BOX cars such as Hiace Land Cruiser, etc. can only be used in the second parking lot.
    ・Large vehicles, trucks, and vehicles above the vehicle limit cannot be parked.(*If you book more than 15 rooms in a group, we will give priority to a large bus, a bus, and up to 2 cars.)
  • 2nd free parking lot

    Located on the back side (north side) of the hotel.(Enter the one-way road on the west side of the hotel and about 40m on the right)
    If the first parking lot is full, or if you Hiace, we will guide you here.

    *As you approach the entrance to the second free parking lot, the bar will automatically rise and you can enter the parking lot.We will give you the parking ticket required for leaving the parking lot at the front desk.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.