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Sightseeing around

Daimyo Garden Nakazu Banshoen(Nakazuban Shoen)

Marugame City, located in the Midwestern part of Kagawa Prefecture

Marugame Uchiwa is a city full of history of traditional industries, which prospered around the city's symbol "Marugame Castle".

Enjoy Marugame from Marugame Plaza Hotel

  • walk

    Marugame Castle is a 5-minute walk from Marugame Plaza Hotel, and is conveniently located on foot.If you climb the stone wall, you can get a 360-degree view of the city! The islands of the Seto Inland Sea Seto Ohashi Bridge, Sanuki Fuji, etc .....For Marugame Castle, it is recommended to take a walk in the Daimyo Garden Nakazu Banshoen, a daimyo garden, which is about 5 minutes by car.
    • Marugame Castle boasts the best stone wall in Japan

      Marugame Castle

      Marugame Castle has a history of 400 years and is settled on the tallest stone wall in Japan.
      Otemon Gate Castle Tower looking up from Ote-mon is full of dignity, and the Castle Tower dusk wears kindness.
      It will soothe your mind.
      Even today, 400 years later, never faded
      It clearly retains its unique stylistic beauty in harmony with nature.
      It is popular with many people as a place of relaxation for Marugame
  • learn

    • Nickname is. "POLCA"5 minutes by car from Marugame Plaza Hotel

      Uchiwa no Minato Museum

      Experience the history of Marugame
      An abbreviation of POLCA (POLCA)" in Spanish "fans Museum of the harbor", or tell the history of Marugame Uchiwa, perform the experience classroom building fan, Uchiwa University Museum.
    • 5 minutes walk from Marugame Plaza Hotel

      Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art

      Let's touch the unique architecture located in In front of Marugame Station of In front of Marugame Station.
  • Watch

    • Pikara Stadium

      Kagawa Prefectural Marugame Stadium(Pikara Stadium)

      3.2km from Marugame Plaza Hotel
      J3 game, enjoy a meal in the city and immerse yourself in the afterglow at our hotel.

      *On the day of the Kamatamare Sanuki home game, there is a temporary shuttle bus from Marugame StationIf you are staying at our hotel by car, park your car in the hotel parking lot and take the shuttle bus to support Let's Go.It is OK even before check-in time.
    • Boat Race Marugame

      Boat Race Marugame

      Boat race field where all race night games are held (blue night games).
      Watch the hot night battle of 6 boats.
      A free shuttle bus runs from Marugame Station, which is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

      *Guests staying at the hotel will receive an admission ticket valid on the day and a meal discount ticket! Please be sure to ask at the front desk before you go out.(This gift may end without notice.Please understand)
  • play

    • 30 minutes by car from Marugame Plaza Hotel

      NEW Reoma World

      The largest leisure spot Chu-Shikoku (Chugoku and Shikoku)
      Full of events that not only children but also adults can enjoy.
      Marugame Plaza Hotel sells plan Waterland and Park Free Pass during Reoma WaterlandIn addition, we also have plan
    • 10 minutes by car from Marugame Plaza Hotel

      Shikoku Aquarium

      Shikoku largest aquarium in Shikoku.
      An aquarium with the theme of Shikoku waterscape, such as the Seto Inland Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and the Shimanto River
  • Go around

    Marugame Plaza Hotel is located on the pilgrimage road.Pilgrimage is welcome.
    From the hotel, Temple 77 Fudasho Doryuji Temple is located 3.5 km west, and Temple 78 Fudasho Goshoji is located 4.3 km east.
    Our hotel is a great resting place for Pilgrimage.We look forward to serving you.
    • Shikoku 88 Places Temple 77 Fudasho Doryuji

      Doryuji Temple

    • Shikoku 88 Places 78th bill place Goshoji