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Nakazu Banshoen

Information on Nakazu Banshoen

  • 【History of Nakazu Banshoen】

    Jokyo 5th year of Jokyo (1688), the second feudal lord of Marugame, Takatoyo-ko, built a garden as a Nakatsu Bekkan the beach here in Nakatsu
    Following Matsubara, a white sand and blue pine tree, more than 1,500 dwarf pine trees are planted, and in the center of the garden is Hakkei Pond, which is shaped like Lake Biwa Omi, the ancestor of the Kyogoku Clan
    Eight islands named Sail, Goose, Snow, Rain, Bell, Seiran, Moon, and Yubae Omi Hakkei (eight views of Omi)
    It is a strolling daimyo garden that connects the islands with a bridge.
    On the shore of the lake, there is a tea room and a main building on the mezzanine floor where you can overlook the sea from the garden.
    In the south garden of the main building, there is a O-kasamatsu Pine Tree pine with a diameter of about 15 rice and a tree that is said to be 600 years old.
    Banshoen means all things in the universe, that is, everything that exists in the universe, and is said to be a famous garden that combines them.

Information on Marugame Museum of Art

  • In harmony with the environment of an art museum in a Japanese garden,
    It is a one-story sukiya-style museum.
    The contents of the exhibition are that you love nature and immerse yourself in nature, regardless of the difference between the east and west of the ocean.
    Gather in Barbizon, a small village in the woods of Fontainebleau on the outskirts of Paris
    Barbizon School Millet, Rousseau, Corot, etc. who created naturalistic painting
    The paintings of Barbizon Seven Stars the paintings of masters such as Courbet
  • The pottery hall, which was built by stacking white pebbles and holding it low,
    Incorporating the atmosphere of the Orient region,
    It was built in harmony with Matsubara.
    Excavated mainly in Iran and Iraq in this facility,
    On display are colored pottery, pottery and glassware from around 2500 BC to the 13th century BC.


Name of facilityNakazu Banshoen Garden / Marugame Museum of Art
25-1 Nakazu Town, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture